Он поднялся туда ради селфи … (фото)

Подросток трагически разбился насмерть, когда пытался сделать опасноеселфи. (НЕ ДЛЯ СЛАБОНЕРВНЫХ)

Предупреждение: Если вы очень чувствительны, то Вам лучше не читать.

Эта статья направлена на предупреждение подростков и их родителей об опасности, которая исходит от попыток сделать селфи ради лайков в сети.
Вот один из примеров смерти подростка, который пытался сделать селфи на высоте.


Истинное безумие нашего времени! И все это ради популярности в социальных сетях.

Трагическая история имела место быть в России в городе Новый Уренгой. Парень пытался сделать селфи сверху. К большому сожалению, все закончилось его смертью.

Pic shows: Boy walking on roof and then falling from the ninth floor; This is the tragic moment a teenager struggles for 10 minutes to climb back onto the roof of a high-rise building before falling to his death. It is unclear what the teenager was doing messing around on the roof, with some people saying he was planning to take a selfie hanging over the edge, and others suggesting he wanted to commit suicide but then changed his mind. Either way, he then found himself hanging by his fingertips over the edge with nine floors below him and he was filmed desperately trying to climb back onto the roof. At the end however he loses his grip and plunges to his death. Medics who turned up at the location in the town of Novy Urengoy in north central Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug said the 19-year-old had been killed instantly. He was identified as Tamerlan A. Local media reported that seven people had tried to get onto the roof to help him, but they did not make it in time. Friends of the teenager said: "He argued with his girlfriend before climbing onto the roof. I reckon maybe just wanted to scare her and I certainly don't think he wanted to commit suicide. But by the time he slipped, it was too late." The tragic teenager had recently travelled more than 2,800 miles to get to the town of Novy Urengoy after being offered the chance of a job in the oil and gas rich region. Novy Urengoy is considered the unofficial gas producing capital of Russia as it is near the biggest gas field in the country.


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